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Romancing Your Moon Signs (Dating & Relationship Collection)

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Astrology as most people know it tends to focus on sun signs, which is what horoscopes are based on. In fact, a full natal chart is completely unique and no two people have the same chart unless they were born at the exact same spot at the exact same moment. Even twins are born far enough apart to have very strong differences in their charts.

Your sun sign represents your most outward personality and is considered the most important point in your chart. The next layer in a person’s personality would be the moon sign. It lays the foundation upon which all your inner emotional nature is built. It says more about whom you are deep down in side.

Of course, our emotional sides are full of vulnerabilities, so the qualities of the moon sign remain more hidden. These are the parts of you that close friends and lovers come to know. You may have dated two men of the same sign only to find them entirely different. It’s possible they had entirely different moon signs.

In this book, we will take a look at how your moon sign influences who you are and how this affects your relationships. You can also use this material to gain some insight into the motivations—some beautiful, some frightening—of yourself and your partners in much more detail than sun signs can provide.

Written by Konstantin Lucas

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