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TouchCal provides an easy way to add events that happen regularly (but not on a regular schedule) to a calendar and to quickly see what events are approaching.

If you have any events that happen regularly but not on a regular schedule, then TouchCal is perfect for you. For instance, if you have a schedule with shift work, TouchCal allows you to create an event for each shift and then simply tap on the days when you work each shift. Maybe you want to keep track of events that have already happened. TouchCal works great for that too.

Once you have created your list of events, you simply select one from the list and then tap the days that the event occurs - that's it. Now you can very easily and quickly update your entire schedule with a few quick taps.

You can customize each event to be a specific color and to show up at a specific location on your calendar. TouchCal has an advanced color chooser allowing you to create virtually any color you want and 11 different positions for an event to be displayed. Now, once you know what color/location each event represents, you know what is going on from a quick glance.

Quick-start guide:

* Hit ‘Edit’ to get to the ‘Select Event’ screen.

* Hit the ‘+’ button to create a new event.

* Select an event from the ‘Select Event’ screen.

* Tap on a day to add/remove the event to/from that day.

* Press the ‘Done’ button when you are done with the event.

* In the ‘Week’ view, you can simply select an event from the list instead of going into a new menu.

* Clicking on a day in Month/Week view will bring up the Day view, which displays all of the events. Here, you can simply click on an event to add/remove it to/from the day.

* The 'List' view displays a list for all of the events in a given month.

* The ‘Current’ button will jump to the current month/week/day depending on what view you are in.