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LDS History of the Church - Volumes 1-7 Complete Set

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SALE - 80% off "History of the Church" is an official and comprehensive 7-Volume history of the early Latter-Day Saint movement during the lifetime of founder Joseph Smith, Jr. It is largely composed of Smith's writings, journals, doctrines and teachings. This work is often referred to as the documentary history of the church. Now available in app form. Complete Hard-Copy Book version retails for $399 in bookstores. Get your app version for much less right here.

The history was written between 1839 and 1856. It was later published in its entirety with extensive annotations and edits by B. H. Roberts as part of a seven-volume series beginning in 1902 as History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


-Antiquity of the Gospel
-The Gospel Revealed to Adam
-Establishment of the Ancient Church
-The Gospel versus the Law
-From Moses to John the Baptist and Messiah
-The Dispensation of the Meridian of Time
-Joel's Great Prophecy of the Dispensation of the Last Days
-The Announcement of the Universal Apostasy
-Character of the Early Christians
-The Rise of False Teachers
-The Revolution of the Fourth Century: Constantine
-Corrupted Christianity Made a Persecuting Religion
-Persecution of "Heretics"
-Christianity Before and After Constantine
-Decline in Moral and Spiritual Living Among Christians
-Plus Much More


-The Expedition Of Zion's Camp
-First Educational Movement Of The Church
-The Organization Of The Foreign Ministry
-The Restoration Of The Keys For The Gathering Of Israel
-The Spirit Of Gathering On The Jews
-Elijah's Mission
-And Much More


-The People of Missouri and the Saints
-The Question of Slavery
-Political Fears
-The Saints and the Indians
-The Unwisdom of the Saints
-The Real Cause of the Missouri Persecutions
-And Much More


-The Departure of the Twelve For England
-The Prophet's Journey To Washington
-Affairs of the Saints Before United States Senate
-Development of the Work In England
-The Prophet Seeks Release From Secular Responsibilities
-Kidnapping of Brown And Boyce By Missourians
-And Much More


-Inauguration of Endowment Ceremonies
-Treatise On the "Holy Ghost"
-The Government of God
-Prophecy That the Saints Would Be Driven To the Rocky Mountains
-The Prophet In Seclusion
-Instructions On Baptism For the Dead
-And Much More


-An Estimate of the Prophet Joseph As A Religious Leader
-Anti-Mormon Meeting At Carthage
-The Avery Kidnapping
-Defensive Preparations Against Missouri Mobs
-Appeals To the General Government For Protection
-Presentation of the Book of Mormon To Queen Victoria
-The Sealing Powers of the Priesthood
-Prophet's Discourse On Elias, Elijah, Messiah
-And Much More


-Church Historians' Excerpts From Ford's History of Illinois
-Governor Ford's Visit To Nauvoo
-Insulting Speech To the Citizens
-Hears of the Assassination of Joseph And Hyrum Smith
-Governor Ford's Comments On the Character of Joseph Smith
And His Followers
-Interview Between Joseph Smith And Governor Thomas Ford
-The Assault Upon the Prison
-The Murder of Joseph And Hyrum Smith
-Political Considerations of the Period Following the Death of the Prophet
-"Trial" of the Murderers
-The Martyrdom of Joseph Smith
-And Much More

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