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Slim While You Sleep: Audio Book

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Slim While You Sleep – Now as a Talking Book


The audio version of the book is read by best selling International author and Harley Street weight specialist Valerie Austin.

This special talking book has everything you need to use the Slim While you Sleep program created from Austin’s’ highly success book of the same name.

Also included in the talking book are two hypnosis audios that you can use to allow you to experience deep self hypnosis. One is for when you are awake and the other is to be played while you are sleep.

The Sleep audio has a special timer so you can set it to be played while you are sound asleep.

This revolutionary program that has been designed to work while you sleep, is a simple inexpensive way to lose weight …and it really works

Simply listen to this book then play the audios provided. The 1st audio is to be played when you are awake sitting or lying down. But what makes this program so much more powerful is the added 2nd audio that you play when you are sleeping using the special timer. This 2nd audio is the secret of this powerful weight package.

The special words will program your mind while you sleep, to help lose weight…even if other diets and exercise plans have failed.

You will feel better than you have ever felt, and the pounds will melt away.

The talking book also includes a selection of s
You will feel better than you have ever felt, and the pounds will melt away

Slim While You Sleep requires a commitment of only a few minutes every day in order to result in a much healthier lifestyle. You’ll find that by following the instructions and guidance you’ll eat in a more positive and natural way, while enjoying what you eat, eating only when hungry rather than for comfort, protection or even in some cases punishment…in other words, eating to live rather than living to eat.

The talking book contains guidance for healthy eating but the main emphasis throughout is on the re-programming of the mind by hypnosis to lead to a permanent change in lifestyle and this, a permanent control of weight problems.

Warning: This plan is completely safe if used as instructed. However, you should not use it while driving a car or using machinery, If you suffer from psychiatric or physical illness consult your doctor.