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★ T9 Keypad quickly searches contacts' names, companies, and numbers
★ Send Group SMS easily (requires iOS4 or higher)
★ Create Groups for your contacts
★ One tap to edit, add, delete, scan, or send a contact
★ Super quick launch time
★ Add contacts to your Favorites list
★ Recents list shows all outgoing calls made from in-app
★ Search contacts by name, company name, or nickname
★ Share contacts via email or SMS
Please read note below if you are experiencing any issues using this app, or email us at

zPhone is an Addressbook and Phone app on steroids!

zPhone comes with a powerful T9 keypad search engine which searches your contacts' names, companies, and numbers. You can quickly call or send an SMS to your T9 search results or to the number you used as a T9 search term. You can also do a straight call using the T9 keypad.

zPhone also allows you to browse thru your contacts with a touch of a button. Compare this with how you browse your contacts now on the default app and you'll see the big difference it makes when you are trying to look for a contact. Go to your next / previous contact, edit, or delete a contact with a simple button tap.

zPhone allows you to add contacts to your Favorites list for quick access to your favorite contacts. You can also create Groups and add contacts to that group. Your contact's picture can be shown in Groups and Favorites for a more visual experience.

zPhone comes with a native GroupSMS feature if you are on iOS 4. One tap to send an SMS to all the members of your groups!

zPhone also contains a Recents list where all outgoing calls made from in-app are saved and presented to you in a familiar way.

zPhone has one of the fastest launch times among all dialer apps out there.

Please email us from in-app if you have any feature requests, inquiries, or bug reports. We will do our best to address your feature requests and concerns as we strive to make zPhone the best dialer app for the iPhone.

Developer Note 2:
Due to limitations of the iPhone SDK, we cannot do anything about the following user complaints.
1) Recent Missed Calls, Received Calls, and calls made outside app not appearing in Recents List - Developers cannot access this list. We can only list down calls made from in-app.
2) Default launching after call made from in-app - This is Apple's default behaviour for ALL apps. We cannot change this. only Apple can.
3) Visual Voicemail - No access to this.

If Apple changes any of the above in iPhone OS 5, we will gladly update zPhone to add these features. Until then, we can only give you features that are possible with the current SDK.