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SAT Word Keys

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Education
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SAT Word Keys provides you with a list of over 1600 intriguing, challenging and provocative words, all longer than ten letters!!!

SAT Word Keys encourages you to expand your vocabulary to help you get the edge that you need to do well on tests, to continue your education and to learn to think better, faster and more efficiently!

The idea is to expand your vocabulary with concentrated effort in order to improve your already quick wit, sharp focus and impressive comprehension power!

Spread the word by using the email feature to email a favorite word and your definition to yourself or to friends!

Track your progress -- tracking check marks turn green automatically when you enter a definition for a word!

Automatic Organization -- See all your definitions in one spot by viewing the Defined tab!

Definitions are intentionally left out of the application. Instead, an in app web-lookup feature is included to give you quick access to online definitions. Further, there is a "Define" page where you can write in your own definition for the word you are working on.

The reason we left out the definitions is because this lets you refer to your own previous knowledge, online sources and in-print dictionaries you may have in order for you to fully develop a working definition for the word that you write, in your own words, in the Define page. This way, you are more likely to remember the definitions by writing them again yourself, following that classic learning technique.

We believe education is a powerful tool for social and personal improvement. We also believe learning is a life-long endeavor that can start at any age. We created this application for anyone and everyone who wants to learn something new or revisit something intriguing, and who wants to think about how that new or renewed knowledge can help them to improve their lives and help them to improve the lives of others.

For your benefit, we have produced a multitude of educational based applications. You can download the ones you like on iTunes. Just search "Socially Conscious Software" to see all our apps!

If our products do not live up to your standards for any reason, please email us at (instead of just writing a bad review on the app store) so we can take direct actions to fix your concerns. Your satisfaction is a priority at Socially Conscious Software, so we would love to hear from you to help fix any and all of your concerns.

Instructions for use:

1. Launch the application.
2. Choose the word you want to learn.
3. Use the 'Web Lookup' button to find online definitions from inside the app.
4. Navigate back to the word's main page.
5. Use a dictionary or other sources to find as many definitions as you'd like.
6. Touch the 'Define' button.
7. Write in your definition in your own words.
8. Save your definition.
9. Email your favorite words and definitions to friends and family to spread quality thinking.
10. View all your definitions fast and easy, automatically alphabetized, by clicking the Defined tab.
11. Try defining a word per day and work your way up to ten words per day or more.
12. Before you know it, you'll have expanded your vocabulary and bettered yourself for it!

Disclaimer: We cannot be responsible for the definitions or other content you find while you view website content with the Web Lookup feature, of course. Thank you for your purchase!