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Buy-Sell-Hold Stocks

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- "This app is THE best app to check real-time Stock Market conditions."
- "Great app for active traders who need Buy-Sell-Hold Stock Recommendations."
- "The fact that I receive FREE Daily BUY and SELL alerts for over 100 stocks is just pure fantastic!!"

If you are looking for a free stock app to quickly check which stocks and funds to buy at any time, no look farther than this Buy-Sell-Hold Stocks app. Join tens of thousands of happy investors who use our app on each trading day.

This is a free app. All we ask is your positive and honest reviews if you like the app. Positive reviews are the most important driver for our app development.


May 16, 2013. Market is AMAZING! BSH App lists 56% of stocks as BUYs and 4% as SELLs. RETAIL stocks have 73% BUYs, INDUSTRIALs have 68% BUYs. App UPDATES RATINGS DAILY for 1,200 stocks. Dow, S&P500 & NASDAQ are all BUYs. Is US Stock market ready for a major rise to go up to 16,000 ? Or is stock market NEW BIG DROP coming?

This FREE Amazing App will look into the future and analyze for you 1,200 NYSE & NASDAQ stocks and give you simple BUY-SELL-HOLD ratings for stocks from 6 different industries.

The ratings are generated DAILY by proprietary Artificial Intelligence software designed in California by computer programmers Eric Katsov and Alexander Voloshko. It is used by many people to manage their stock portfolios. You can check your iPhone Buy-Sell-Hold App and receive fresh accurate reliable straight forward advice on what to do with Dow Jones, Nasdaq or S&P 500 indexes or your own stock – Buy? Sell ? or Hold?

The ratings are on average 80% accurate based on prior history meaning that out of 10 stocks that App predicted to Buy – 8 actually went up in price and only 2 went down. However, the accuracy could vary from stock to stock based on the current market conditions and general level of volatility.

It is very easy to find your stock Buy-Sell-Hold ratings inside the App, because all stocks are divided into 6 smaller groups: Healthcare, Energy, Finance, Services, Technology, and Dow 30+. Each group has 200 stocks from the same industry like for Finance or Healthcare or from the same Dow Jones Index like Dow 30+.

So if you need to find Microsoft stock Buy-Sell-Hold rating, you just have to go to Technology group or Dow 30+ group inside the App.

All stocks in the group are listed in alphabetical order based on their stock symbol – so that if you search for Apple AAPL stock it will be at the top of the list.

Inside each list the App has filters that will allow the user to see just the stocks with Buy ratings from for example Technology group or with just “SELL” rating from Healthcare group.

By using these filters you could clearly see where the market is going and which stocks to buy on the exchange today. Also, the App has 2 extra buttons called “BUY” and “SELL” that will display for user all stocks from all groups that have either a Buy rating or a Sell rating. These global “BUY” and “SELL” lists might have up to 500 stocks listed in them but because each list has individual search capabilities the user could still quickly find the rating for a particular stock.

“BUY” and “SELL” buttons are useful if you are holding a stock like IBM and want to know if it suddenly received a “SELL” rating. To do that, you just push the “SELL” button on the App main screen and search in the Global “SELL” list for IBM. In this version App went even further to make users more successful on the stock markets by introducing 2 NEW RATINGS: “GRAB” and “DUMP” besides the usual “BUY”, “SELL”, and “HOLD”.

If you received just a “SELL” rating you could wait for a 2-3 days to see if the rating will be changed back to “HOLD” or even “BUY” and if it does not, than consider selling the stock at that time. If your stock received a “GRAB” rating that means you should buy it pretty much immediately.