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Fart Songs

iPhone / iPad
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It has occurred to any self respecting prankster, class clown or practical joker that it would be awfully hilarious to have the ability to squeeze off enough flatulence to play a song… However, a sudden lack of intestinal fartitude generally would cause your intended mark to name that tune in less than three notes before you run out of gas.

Well, necessity is the mother of invention… So our mischievous software design team has combined ideas from our new fart program and our line of chromatic sound programs to create “Fart Songs.” This program is a breathe of fresh air, but with the melodious sounds of human butt wind.

Ever wanted to fart out Jingle bells or your favorite hymn? Ever wondered if it would really go over like a fart in church? Now is your chance to find out. It just might be a great alternative to listening to another long winded sermon... What a down right appropriate place to commission your own 5-stop Fart Organ.

Are you tired of those same old farts? Not a problem… All new “Fart Songs” gives you such wondrous sounds as “Juicy Loosy:” a very musical stop, chosen for that wet, “better check your underwear” splat value. “Motor Butt:” Somewhat musical and chosen for that special rapid fire effect. “Vrrp!:” A very traditional timbre; nicely melodic. “Popcorn Fart:” a very dry sounding pants ripper; a sweet musical stop with a touch of natural reverb. And last but not least, “The Whistler:” Starts off with a very traditional fricative attack and ends with a musical “zowwww” release for when you want to whistle that happy tune.

“Fart Songs” integrated keyboard allows you a full octave of breath taking fart sounds for your playing pleasure. Play a fanfare of farts or use this program to supply the music for an engaging game of musical farts with your best buddies. Whether you want to pass gas with your friends or join in with the church music program, “Fart Songs” is family flatulent fun for all ages. Even your Airedale might enjoy this.

Press the man in the upper left-hand corner to toggle vibrate on fart On/Off (iPhone Only).