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Pocket Potato

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Play while your phone is IN YOUR POCKET!

No one will know! No other apps like it! (iPhones only... vibration required)

Are you ever bored waiting in line, sitting in class, at a wedding, etc.? You don't want to look like a goober playing on your phone, but there's nothing else to do. Now you can play Pocket Potato - and no one will even know you're playing!


Pocket Potato is like playing hot potato with people all over the world!

When the device buzzes, you've got the potato. Get rid of it quick by tapping anywhere on the screen or by shaking it.

If you did it fast enough, then you get points and it will be your turn again later.

If time ran out then the device will buzz twice meaning GAME OVER! It will automatically start again, so no need to pull that phone out of your pocket to start a new game.

Play a few times while watching the screen. Once you get the hang of it, stick it in your pocket and get your game on!


Make sure you tap the screen directly with your finger - the iPhone cannot detect a tap through cloth. So put your hands in your pockets!

You can also choose 'black out mode' under settings. When the game starts the screen will turn black. This lets you hold the phone to your side while playing... no one will even know your phone is on!


If you're connected to the internet, you'll automatically play with people all over the world... you can tell because you'll see the flag of the potato bearer's country! If you're not connected, no worries... you'll still be able to play a 'fake' game alone!


The faster you get rid of the potato, the more points you get.

You can also get bonus points for choosing a 'failure sound' (under settings). Why get points for a sound? Because if your phone's in your pocket and it makes a frog sound when your game is over, people will look at you funny. And we think that's hilarious. Now that's what we call a game with consequences! (You don't get points if your sound is off)

You also don't get points if you tap over and over before the potato gets to you. We know a cheater when we see one and cheaters don't get points!


- See flags representing the country where the potato is!
- Two Modes: Slow & Fast
- Fast is actually easier because you get the potato every 15ish seconds
- Slow is for longer games because you get it every 40ish seconds
- Tap ANYWHERE to get rid of the potato (makes it easy to play without looking)
- Compare scores with people all over the world using OpenFeint
- Get bonus points for using sound effects (when you miss a beat)
- A brief tutorial explains how to play


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If you need help or have suggestions, then we'd love to hear from you! Just email and we'll get back with you ASAP!