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Simple Period (Period Calendar)

iPhone / iPad
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Best Application selected by 300,000 users!

More convenient "Simple Period" with various functions with 3 lovely themes!

Do not hesitate to select your period application!
The answer is "Simple Period" proven by many users for 4 years.

"Simple Period" will be responsible for your satisfaction till the end!

[For Who? ] 

1. YOU who want to exactly manage menstrual cycle, expected period, ovulation day etc. conveniently!

2. YOU who want to manage menstrual cycle and diary, weight with one application!

3. Dad-to-be, mom-to-be preparing for pregnancy

4. YOU who need contraception!

5. YOU who want to record making love day (contraceptive day)

6. YOU who want to record whether to take a contraceptive pill or menstrual symptoms!

7. YOU who manage weight for slim body!

8. YOU who want to check daily biorhythms!

9. YOU who check your ovulation day with the basal body temperature table!

10. Men who cherish a woman with a good sense!

[Key Features] 

1. One touch input through Simple Period calendar

- Recording a menstrual period (setting start date, end date) 
- Marking making love day
- Marking ovulation day
- Recording a memo by date
(Photos can be inserted)
- Providing daily memo list
(Listed memos can be checked at a glance in a list)

2. Automatic calculation of average menstrual cycle
- Select between average cycle and manual input cycle

3. Showing expected ovulation, expected period automatically
- Showing data for 3 months

4. Function of alarming expected period, expected ovulation

5. Function of icon badge number notification
- Shown if next menstrual day has passed

6. Recording weight
- Recorded weight can be checked at a glance on a graph.

7. Recording BBT (Basal Body Temperature)
- Supporting slideshow through slide touch
- In case of horizontal view, showing figures for 6 months on a graph

8. Biorhythm function

9. Symptom recording function
- A user can define custom symptoms and record it variously.

10. Supporting slide touch 
- Calendar, memo, biorhythms, BBT, symptom

11. One Touch Backup & Recovery through Google calendar 

12. Data can be exchanged with Simple Period for Android

13. Privacy function

14. Providing 3 lovely themes