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Bob and Ray 2

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Bob Elliott (born 1923) and Ray Goulding (1922–1990) were an American comedy team whose career spanned five decades. Their format was typically to satirize the medium in which they were performing, such as conducting radio or television interviews, with off-the-wall dialogue presented in a generally deadpan style as though it were a serious interview.

Show Names : bray.1949.09.24, bray.1949.09.26, bray.1949.10.13, bray.1949.10.14, bray.1949.10.21, bray.1949.11.14, bray.1949.11.15, bray.1949.11.16, bray.1949.11.17, bray.1949.12.07, bray.1949.12.08, bray.1949.12.09, bray.1949.12.10, bray.1949.12.14, bray.1949.12.15, bray.1949.12.16, bray.1949.12.17, bray.1949.12.19, bray.1949.12.28, bray.1949.12.29, bray.1949.12.31, bray.1950.02.20, bray.1950.10.09, bray.1959.02.13_cbs_02, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_01, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_02, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_06, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_10, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_13, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_14, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_15, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_16, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_17, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_18, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_19, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_21, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_22, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_23, bray.1959.06.29_cbs_24