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iSwear: The Global Swear Jar

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It’s a simple concept. Every time you swear you make contribution to the swear jar. You swear, you pay. But what if there was a swear jar the entire planet could share? Swear is a virtual swear jar with people making contributions from all over the world. With iSwear you can track you own swearing and contribution amount while comparing it to the rest of the world, and the people around you. And when your done, you can donate the money you’ve collected to a worthy cause.

With the fast-paced lives we all live today, it can be quite easy to get flustered. When we are flustered in life, we tend to swear more. We know it's not attractive. We know it sets a bad example for our kids, but it's tough to control that sudden impulse. Starting with iSwear will help you, your kids and the rest of your family stop saying bad words.

Collect the money toward a worthy cause. Do not let the money go toward something like the family vacation. That is just more of an incentive to swear. Collect the money and donate it to charity, give it to your church or buy food for the homeless with it. The point is don't reward yourself, your kids or your family for swearing.

Enforce the swear jar amongst your family. No one is allowed to cheat, even you. Cheating will only prolong the habit and undermine the goal of having a swear-free environment. Lead by example. If you swear, pay up.

*iSwear is virtual swear jar, for tracking purposes only. You will not be charged when making a contribution.