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Shaykh Kabbani (ق)

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Shaykh Hisham Kabbani(ق) has done more that anyone we know to represent Islam in its true and original light and this at a time when the image of that faith has become associated with the daily headlines reporting terrorism and sectarian violence across the globe. From his vantage point as a Shaykh in the Naqshbandi Sufi Order, Shaykh Hisham(ق) brings not only deep knowledge from the center of the Islamic faith, but also the ability to actively communicate its essential message of love and mercy to a wide audience, both Muslim and non-Muslim. Sufis in general have argued against the message of radical Islamic fundamentalists for decades, but few have done so with such powerful voices as the Shaykhs from this order. To say the least, this is a time of great confusion concerning the message of Islam for both the citizens of the United States and the rest of the world. Authoritative, compelling voices are needed more than ever to stem the flow of intolerance and ignorance and Shaykh Hisham(ق) has such a voice. He brings to the table his vast background in Islamic law and tradition, but delivers his message humbly and clearly, which immediately strikes a chord with a wide global audience. We think that this rare combination of humility and authority is what makes his influence so wide-reaching. When speaking, he consistently strikes a genuine, but urgent tone. We need such men more than ever now to counter the intolerant voices currently borrowing the Islamic faith.

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani(ق) maintains a hectic travel schedule, year in and year out, to carry his message across the global time zones. The strange thing is, all sorts of people listen to him and take his words to heart, young and old alike. He is a consummate communicator. There are a lot of loose cannons rolling around calling themselves Shaykhs and issuing bogus mandates, further roiling the waters of the global community of Islam. We all have a big stake in how this turns out. The charities and interfaith efforts that Shaykh Hisham(ق) supports are very important and well documented on the various Naqshbandi internet sites, but his ability to transmit something of the true flavor of the Islamic faith sets him apart. The ongoing conversation concerning the nature of Islam will affect not only the world’s one billion Muslims, but the rest of the human race as well. Shaykh Hisham(ق) has a very clear grasp of what has gone wrong within the Islamic community and has, behind the scenes, shared his insights with presidents and kings alike. In fact, he has advised recent US heads of state in the practical matter of how to counter the Islamic fundamentalist influences issuing from the Arabian Peninsula. He is an important resource in this struggle. Each heart won over by his message of tolerance and moderation is a victory, especially among young Muslims who have been misled in the current confusion.