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Speed Gibson Of The International Secret Police 3

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Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police was a radio adventure series written by Virginia Cooke. It was centered on the adventures of Speed Gibson, a fifteen year old pilot who, through his uncle Clint Barlow, becomes a member of the International Secret Police. Speed was described as “a typical American boy: interested in short wave radio, aviation and most of all - The International Secret Police.”

Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police ran weekly from January 2, 1937 to May 25, 1940. 178 Episodes of the show were produced with each episode lasting approximately fifteen minutes. Elliott Lewis starred in the title role of Speed Gibson. Howard McNear played his uncle Clint Barlow and John Gibson played his sidekick, Barney Dunlap, known for using such catch phrases as “Suffering wangdoodles!” Other voice actors contributing to the series were Hanley Stafford, Jack Mathers and Sam Edwards. The opening theme contained the drone of an airplane and the voice of an air traffic controller urgently calling, “Ceiling zero… ceiling zero… ceiling zero!”

The series was divided into two stories. The first 100 episodes cover The Menace of the Octopus. They highlight Speed’s induction into the International Secret Police and the subsequent pursuit of the Octopus and his gang throughout the Orient. The remaining 78 shows are titled Speed Gibson And The Atlantian Syndicate. This series follows Speed as he continues his adventures on the African continent and his quest to defeat the Octopus.

The series is notable in that all 178 episodes have survived intact.

Show Names : 120 Octopus Gang Moves In, 121 Power Magazine Plan, 122 Stop Plans for Explosion, 123 Speed, Clint and Carlos in a Bad Storm, 124 Dropping a Signal, 125 A Poison Dart, 126 The Octopus' Old Headquarters, 127 Plan Flight to the Sahara Desert, 128 Fly to Legionnaire Outpost, 129 Attack Repelled, 130 Bad Sand Storm, 131 Clint Lands in the Desert, 132 Discovered in the Desert, 133 Octopus Learns Their Location, 134 Tricks by the Octopus, 135 A Ring Gets Them out of Jail, 136 The Octopus Visits Are Explained, 137 Enemy Plane Crashes, 138 Boating Down the Congo, 139 Speed Is Confronted by a Leopard, 140 Leaving Camp, 141 Clint Rescues Mrs Buchanan, 142 Search for John Buchanan, 143 Barney Hypnotized by Wings of Giant Moth, 144 Troubles with a Boa Constrictor, 145 Fumes Overcome Everyone, 146 In the Path of Cannibal Ants, 147 The Octopus Suspects Trap, 148 Warriors Help in Searching for Hq, 149 Native Attack Near Octopus Headquarters, 150 Attack Stopped with Elephant Stampede, 151 Search of Headquarters Started, 152 Saved from Suffocating, 153 Leaving for Gorilla Country, 154 The Octopus Prepares Death Ray, 155 The Octopus Overheard on the Radio, 156 Elephant Grass Fire, 157 A Jungle Crash Landing, 158 Surprise Meeting with Natives, 159 Barney Confronted by Talking Gorilla, 160 Talking Gorilla Starts Attack, 161 Entire Camp Captured, 162 Octopus Packs up Death Ray Machine, 163 Everyone Escapes Gorilla Attack, 164 All Are Caught in Jungle Storm, 165 John Buchanan Found in Hut, 166 Surrounded by Pygmy Headhunters, 167 Safe Take-Off, 168 Speed Missing Again, 169 The Octopus Waits, 170 Car Crash, 171 Octopus Gang Member Is Questioned, 172 Clint Worries About Landing, 173 Clint's Plane Catches on Fire, 174 An Octopus Agent Confesses to Fire, 175 Desert Raiders Attack, 176 Octopus Camp Is Reached, 177 Death Ray Blown Up, 178 The Octopus Finally Captured