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PulseMeter Heartrate Monitor for Chest Strap for real measurement

iPhone / iPad
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Heart rate monitor and training computer for sports and fitness

Important Notice!
To run this app you need the HMB | TEC ® pulse-receiver and a Polar ®-compatible chest strap. The pulse receiver plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPad, or iPod touch. You do not need extra batteries.

With this ingenious app, you can measure with your iPhone ™ iPad ™ or iPod ™ touch your heart pulse rate, and use as a training computer. This procedure requires the HMB | TEC™ pulse-receiver and a Polar-compatible chest strap. (these are almost all standard straps. The heart rate monitor is measuring your ECG signal and displays your heart rate in bpm (beats per minute). For visual inspection the display shows a synchronously beating heart and an animated ECG chart.

The app measures the actual, real heartbeat frequency (it is not just a cheap simulation!) that assigns the measured value of a training target zone, which is tailored to your age. At the beginning of your workout program you determine your resting heart rate by pressing a "stetoscope"-Button. Based on your age the maximum heart rate (MHR) will be calculated and stored in memory. During your training course your heart rate is measured continuously and compared to the previously measured MHR-value. Depending on the physical strain you will get a feedback on the achieved training target zone (see table).

You may your training at any time or when reaching a desired target zone. Now just press the "CHECK" button and the software continues to measure your heart rate exactly one minute while comparing your heart rate to your original resting heart rate. On a traffic lights scale of you can track how your pulse will slowly approache that level. After expiry of one minute, you will receive an evaluation reading rated in "%". Here, a display of 100% means that you have achieved within that minute again resting heart rate.

Important Notice!
This app is not a scientific or medical device and should not be used for medical applications. The obtained results are given as indicative benchmarks and have no medical benefit. This app and the implemented heart rate monitor not used to control vital bodily functions and parameters seriously.


1: Health Zone:
This amounts to 50-60% of maximum heart rate.
In this pulse range is strengthened, especially the cardiovascular system. This area is particularly suitable for beginners.

2: Fat Burning Zone:
This is approximately 60-70% of maximum heart rate.
In this pulse range most of the calories from fat to be burned. In addition, the cardiovascular system is trained.

3: Aerobic Zone:
This is approximately 70-80% of maximum heart rate.
In this pulse range of carbohydrates and fats are burned for energy in muscle cells. This area calls for the cardiovascular system and lungs and metabolism.

4: Anaerobic Zone:
This amounts to about 80-90% of maximum heart rate.
In this pulse range of body oxygen demand can no longer cover. This area is used for strength and muscle mass building.

5: Red Zone:
This amounts to 90-100% of maximum heart rate.
This pulse range should be treated with caution. It is dangerous for beginners and can be harmful for the heart.

For the operation of this app, you need the HMB | TEC ® Pulse-PR-2010 receiver and a Polar ™ compatible heart rate chest strap. You can order the PR-2010 at the HMB | TEC ® online store.

HMBTEC does not take over any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, the use or application of this information and the software described.