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AstroTime 2012

iPhone / iPad
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The AstroTime 2012 application displays 24-hour time using Maya concepts of time. The time display consists of 260 cells arranged in 13 columns and 20 rows. The first six and the last six columns display time in intervals of six minutes per cell. The seventh (center) column displays seconds in intervals of 18 seconds per cell. Black cells display time in the future. Elapsed time is displayed in blue and yellow cells. The yellow cells create a unique pattern that can be interpreted in many ways. The complete pattern is shown only at midnight but it also can be seen in the application icon.

AstroTime 2012 can be used to countdown the last day of the Maya fifth grand cycle of time, which is due to occur on December 21, 2012. A Maya grand cycle of time lasts 5200 years. The calendar for a Maya grand cycle of time uses a matrix of 260 time intervals of 20 years each. So at midnight on December 21, 2012 AstroTime 2012 will depict visually not only the end of the day but also the end of the 5200 year Maya grand cycle of time.

The matrix used by AstroTime 2012 also relates to the Maya astrological calendar, which lasts 260 days. Hence, AstroTime 2012 visually correlates with the Maya grand cycle of time, their astrological calendar, and a regular timepiece displaying 24-hour time.

The current time is displayed in traditional form in the status bar.

The matrix used by AstroTime 2012 has remarkable mathematical properties, and (for those so inclined) a considerable esoteric, mystical and astrological legacy. Exploration of these aspects is left to users who can make their own discoveries and share them with each other.

AstroTime 2012 uses U.S. patent D447975.