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Puppy Vaccine Schedule(E)

iPhone / iPad
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"Puppy Vaccine Schedule" is made for veterinarian working in animal hospital.
When a puppy comes to animal hospital,
the veterinarian must first calculate how old (in days) the animal is, and then set up a vaccination schedule.
You can calculate them in this app easily.

With this app, you can do nearly all calculation about puppy.
In starting display, you can select puppy's birthday.
Once you select, autimatically a number of days old displayed in below.
And then, you can select three program by 3 button.

"automatically calculate"
Once you select start day of vaccination,
scheduled day is immediately calculated in 2 or 3 times pattern.

In this program, schedule is calculated on below condition.

・scheduled day is still in future.
2 times pattern ; 60 days → 90 days
3 times pattern ; 50 days → 71 days → 92 days

・already start day is past.
2 times pattern ; <69 days old ) start day(probably today) → 90 days
>69 days old ) start day → 3 weeks
3 times pattern ; <48 days old ) start day → between 1 time & 3 time → 90 days
>48 days old ) start day → 3 weeks → 3 weeks

"calculate based on weeks"
You select 1st in 6~8weeks, 2nd in 9~11 weeks, 3rd in 12~14 weeks.

At each label, displayed scheduled day and days old and days after from to day.

"What day after the day"
If already vaccination is started, you must calculate what day you need to vaccinate, and what days after from today.
This calculation is often complicated.

In this program, you select "the day", then "after day" is calculated based on the number what days after from the day.
You can easily calculate two days in a case already vaccination started.

What days after from the day is able to input by tap button.