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Rage Eraser

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The Rage Eraser is a very powerful and comprehensive anger management solution which includes:

Anger Defusers: skills to stop your anger in its tracks.

Anger Transformers: to better understand your anger, the anger cycle and others' anger with powerful audio processes to guide and transform you.

Anger Tracker: to log anger events, explore your triggers, discover the best techniques unique to you and see your progress.

Reference: a reference section to gain insights and knowledge to master your anger.

We've put together the most powerful integrative approach possible using both ancient and modern techniques including Eriksonian hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behavior, meditation, brain entrainment and powerful ancient techniques.


* A complete hypnosis session to help you respond to anger events instead of react.
* An ancient deep breathing technique to give you back control immediately.
* An easy yet powerful technique to quiet your mind instantly and allow you to respond rather than react.
* The RANT! feature, available if your device has a microphone, allows you to record your rant to vent your anger and get it off your chest, helps you to distance yourself from your anger, helps you to hear what you sound like to other people, and allows you to discover patterns of distorted thinking that drive your anger.
* Soothing sounds with brain entrainment to relax and calm you.
* Learn to meditate with audio guidance.
* Learn to just let go.
* Learn about your anger triggers and how to defuse them.
* Cognitive behavior to change your distorted thinking patterns that bring on anger.
* Learn to be more assertive in your relationships.
* Learn about conflict resolution.
* Learn about underlying issues to fuel your anger and how to heal them.
* Learn about the anger cycle and signs of building anger.
* Learn about chakras, yantra and mantra meditation.
* A truly comprehensive solution to anger management at your fingertips worth hundreds of dollars if you worked privately with a therapist or NLP practitioner.

The Rage Eraser was created using the combined expertise of a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, certified Hypnotherapist, Counseling Psychologist and Meditation/Eastern Arts teacher.

As developers of Rage Eraser, we want to help as many people as possible to lead happier more fulfilling lives at a deep level.