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The Stories of Prophets

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This application provides a collection of stories of the prophets of Allah (swt).

The Stories of the Prophets have been compiled from 'Al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah' (The Beginning and the End) which is a great work of the famous Muslim exegete and historian Ibn Kathir and has a prominent place in the islamic literature.

The following stories are included in this application:

1.The Story of Adam and Eve (Hawwa)
2.The Story of Enoch (Idris)
3.The Story of Noah (Nuh)
4.The Story of Hud
5.The Story of Saleh
6.The Story of Abraham (Ibrahim)
7.The Story of Lot (Lut)
8.The Story of Shu'aib
9.The Story of Ishamel (Isma'eel)
10.The Story of Isaac (Is-haq)
11.The Story of Jospeh (Yusuf)
12.The Story of Job (Ayoub)
13.The Story of Dhul-Kifl
14.The Story of The People of Ar-Raas
15.The Story of The People of Yaseen
16.The Story of Jonah (Yunus)
17.The Story of Moses and Aaron (Musa and Haroon)
18.The Story of Ezekiel (Hizqeel)
19.The Story of Elia and Elisha (Ilyas and Al-Yas'a)
20.The Story of Samuel
21.The Story of David (Dawud)
22.The Story of Solomon (Sulaiman)
23.The Story of Jeremiah bin Hilkiah
24.The Story of the Destruction of Jerusalem
25.The Story of Daniel (Daniyal)
26.The Story of Ezra ('Uzair)
27.The Story of Zacharia and John (Zakariyyah and Yahya)
28.The Story of Jesus ('Isa)

Application Features:

A collection of twenty eight (28) stories about the prophets.

You can email stories to your friends directly from the application.

You can post stories on Facebook directly from the Application.

You can save stories to your list of Favorites.

No internet connection and no user name or password required in order to use this application. That means you can use this application anywhere and anytime as long as your iPhone is working.