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GPS Guide for Garmin aera

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Navigation
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Max Trescott GPS Guide for the Garmin aera 500, 510, 550, and 560.

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Do you ever have difficulty:
• Quickly entering or modifying a flight plan?
• Finding pages you use infrequently?
• Finding Airport information like runways and frequencies?
• Loading an instrument approach?

Do you still use the Direct-to key instead of entering a flight plan? If so, you’re not alone! Our online survey of GPS users shows that these are common issues.

The New Max Trescott aera GPS Guide for the iPhone is:
• A Quick Reference Checklist
• An Illustrated Self-Study Learning Guide
• A Refresher for Pilots and CFIs Using Many GPSs

Max Trescott aera GPS Guide Features:
• Organization by function, so you can quickly find what you want
• Step-by-step instructions to make tasks easy
• Over 100 scrollable pages of information
• Over 200 screen shots so you can see how the GPS looks at each step
• Details on using and interpreting XM Weather
• AOPA Directory, Smart Taxi and Smart Airspace information

More than a paper GPS Checklist:
• Gives detailed descriptions—not just a list of steps
• Includes TIPS on the most efficient ways to use the GPS
• Cuts down on the amount of paper you have to carry
• Lets you bring many GPS checklists with no bulk
• Easy way to stay current with latest GPS feature changes

Max’s GPS Guides Save You Time:
• No hunting through user manuals
• Clear, concise answers to your GPS questions
• Lets you study any time you have a free moment

Written by a GPS Expert!
Max Trescott is the 2008 National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year. He is the author of the newly released Max Trescott’s GPS and WAAS Instrument Flying Handbook and the bestseller Max Trescott’s G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook with WAAS. Details at

This guide for the Garmin aera gives detailed aviation information for the following topics:
• Airport Information Pages
• AOPA Directory
• Basics & Getting Started
-Including Page Organization
• Direct-to Navigation
• Flight Planning
• Instrument Procedures
• Instrument Panel
• Map Page
• NRST Pages
• Position Reporting
• Smart Airspace
• SmartTaxi Diagrams
• System Pages
• Terrain Page
• Vertical Navigation
• Weather Pages
• XM Radio

Note: This GPS Guide is focused on the aviation features of these units. Buy this guide ONLY if your primary use for the GPS is aviation related. This guide is not focused on the automotive capabilities of the unit.

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