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Unlock the music you always wanted to play or sing by studying perfect and relative pith. Having Perfect pitch means the ability to recognize what note is playing. Relative pitch means beeing able to recognize chords and the tension between two notes. Perfect and relative pitch is nothing that you are born with, it can be trained.

This application contains samples of clean electric guitar (Gibson Lucille, Les Paul) and piano and includes single notes, intervals, chords, arpeggios and scales. All chords comes in 4 variations, intervals in 5 and single note in 4 variations. Arpeggios and Scales have 3 variations and are currently only available with piano.

When I was a kid, I remember spending over 60 USD on tapes that just explained the theory on how to aquire perfect pitch alone, without any practicing help. This applications will do just the opposite, helping you practice your perfect pitch and relative pitch. All for a fraction of a standard help-your-self course.

Here you will be quizzed on the current set of notes (or intervals or chords) that you have selected. The success rate for the specific test will be shown as well as the success rate for the whole session.

The free version is limited when it comes to number of notes, intervals, chords, arpeggios, melody and scales.

The full version covers the following sets:
* Full range notes, 4 octaves
* Full range intervals, 5 variations
* 25+ scales, 3 variations
* 35+ chords and arpeggios (4 and 3 variations)
* Melody full range notes, jump and longer sequences

Best experienced using head phones.

If you are in to guitar improvisiation, why not check out my application Guitar For Life, available on the AppStore as Full and Free versions.

Before purchasing the FULL version application, make sure to test the FREE version first.

For a full FAQ and application explanation, please visit the web page