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NARA x ASUKA Guide/2010

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
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※NARA x ASUKA Guide/2011 was sold.
This application program is bought and the version was sold by another application program as for the purchase examination in fiscal year 2011, and buy that, please.

It is a convenient 'NARA x ASUKA guide' for sightseeing in Nara and Asuka.
Publishing such as World Heritage, temple, Shinto shrine, museum, explanation, essential information of tourist spot such as museums, closest stations, and bus stops.
It connects with the Google map more and more when the map is done in the tap, the place in the destination is understood, and it is very convenient for [node] and sightseeing in Nara.
Nara Prefecture is done now separately for eight areas. In Nara City a lot and Asuka are published.

●The menu (area) of eight can be separately selected from eight genres.
1.Nara city/Yagyu

- UNESCO World Heritage
- Sightseeing Spots(Noted place)
- Temple
- Shrine
- Art Museum
- Museum
- Accommodations
- Others

●Google map and cooperation (a function only for iPhone)
I tap thing and Map which I choose the destination from genre choice, and display a map and can display direct Google map.
The Google map can be selected from eight areas. It is possible to display it by narrowing it to "Only World Heritage of Nishinokyo".

●The basic information such as institutions.
- Original photograph
- Map display (Google map)
- Link to official site【addition function】
- Address
- Phone number (I can send it when I tap it)
- Neighborhood station
- Bus stop
- Institution explanation (explanation existence of some English)
- The base rates of an admission fee and the hotel
※I am going to add the photograph of non-publication by update sequentially in future.

●Published information
- As of March 1, 2010.
- Information on publishing might be changed, and be revised. Please acknowledge that our company doesn't make amends for damage by the published content etc. beforehand.

In this application program, there is a download limitation.
The information update to this application program (2010 versions) doesn't correspond after January, 2011 though the download period of the update by the information addition and the correction, etc. corresponds until December 31, 2010. The use of the application program is possible after 2011.
(Please obtain "NARA x ASUKA Guide (2011 versions)" of the sale schedule for the latest application program in around January, 2011.)
Moreover, the photograph is renewed dividing into several-time because there is an image of the unpublishing in this application program. There is download demand several times. Please acknowledge it.

Japanese/English(Only part)