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Pianolla Blue

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
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Pianolla Blue is Piano musical instrument for iPhone and iPod Touch. Learn and play piano with your iPhone/iPod anytime anywhere. Listen famous melodies. Record own melodies.

(Limited Offer - Introductory Price)

• 8 octaves of concert fantasy grand piano
• Crystal clear sound, robust bass, warm middles and crisp highs
• 60 Famous melodies from Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, etc. are included
• Key labels for whole piano range
• Play chords with up to 5 fingers
• Two hands play piano mode (keyboards for left and right hand)
• Play melody with right hand and bass with left hand
• Play polyphonic melody with right hand and bass with left hand
• Record you own melodies and play them to your parents, friends or colleges
• Play any melody mode (start tone changing possibility)
• Transpose +/- 36 notes
• Fine tune +/- 50 cents
• Switch on/off keys labels

Play any of 88 piano notes on your screen by touching the keys.

Play any number of the visible keys simultaneously. Use two hands to play melody and bass. Eg. right hand for melody, left hand for bass. Or left hand for bass and right hand for multiple tone polyphonic melody. Or play two polyphonic melodies by left and right hands. All of this is possible.

Change octave of each hand keyboard separately. Change shift of each hand keyboard separately. This way you can play music with any start notes.

Are you interested about famous music/compositions?

Over 60 professionally recorded famous melodies songs/sonatas/compositions/symphonies in the current version from famous composers like Bach, Beethoven, Bizet, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, Dvorak, Gershwin, Grieg, Handel, Haydn, Liszt, Mozart, Pachelbel, Radetzsky, Rossini, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Vivaldi, Wagner and many more. Additional compositions could be provided to you with upgrades in possible next versions. If you are interested in specific composition or composer in some of the future version, do not hesitate to ask.

Record own music, musical performances or songs and to show it to parents, friends, colleges, crew etc. then.

Play with friends simultaneously. Possibility to tune the instrument easily if needed. Play with other friends, parents, colleges, crew, etc. who have iPhone/iPod Touch or other musicians and musical instruments.

Transpose instrument up and down +/- 36 notes.

Fine tune instrument up and down +/- 50 cents.

Switch on/off note labels or change flat or sharp symbol notation.

Loop songs in playback mode and play with them.

Change tempo of played music. Many more features there.

Change the instrument volume.

NOTE: When you start the app. Make sure your iPhone is not in silent mode. The switch on the side of the iPhone could be used to switch off the silent mode.

Any questions using the App? Write us and we we'll get back to you promptly. Or visit our forum at .

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