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Rude people talking in front of you at the theater? Someone taking too long in line at the grocery store? You don't have to be embarrassed to say anything because Silencer says it for you, undercover!

Silencer is a covert and hilarious way to shush someone, get their attention, or move them along without anyone knowing it was you. It has dozens of hysterical voiceovers for both men and women, a Covert Mode to preserve your anonymity, and a Joke Mode to "psst" someone from the couch, behind a plant, or anywhere you can hide your iPhone or iPod Touch!

"The male voice is comical, for he constantly sounds like some menacing serial killer about to lose his mind and attack, even on nice mode. ...your friends, family and anyone nearby will go crazy trying to figure out where the voice came from." --

* Great for movie theaters... just set Silencer in Covert Mode and start shushing audience members undercover!
* Get someone's attention in class or in a meeting, without even opening your mouth!
* Line at the post office moving too slow? Put Silencer in Hurry! Mode and have your iPhone or iPod Touch tell them to "move it along!"
* Play a game with your kids... set the audio timer in Joke Mode, hide your iPhone or iPod Touch, and have them go find it!
* Score bonus points with your loved one by customizing a message, setting a timer, hiding your device, and having them find it!
* Need a gentle, repeating reminder to get back to work? Customize your Joke Mode message and set the audio to repeat as needed!

* Three hilarious modes of operation: Psst! Mode gets someone's attention, Quiet! Mode shushes noisy/annoying people, and Hurry! Mode moves people along if they are taking too long.
* With both male and female voices, you can hide in plain sight by shushing someone with a voice of the opposite gender!
* Customizable levels of respectfulness let you get someone's attention in a nice, or nasty manner… it’s up to you!
* Enter Covert Mode to turn the screen black, but still allow you to tap the screen to emit a shush in secrecy.
* Enter Joke Mode to set a timer, turn your screen black, hide your iPhone. Enjoy being entertained as your friends and family try to figure out where that "psst!" sound is coming from.