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Talk with Chippy

iPhone / iPad
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Chippy’s here to play and help you out. Not only is this adorable little chipmunk good at listening and recording your every word, he keeps track of time for you. Talk with Chippy is a soundboard and cool clock that you and your family will have tons of fun with. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

*** In the Top 25 Entertainment Apps in Italy, Luxembourg, Russia and other countries

My kids love it!
“If you have kids this app is a must, it will be the best buck you have even spent on a vacation or long drives or just to keep the little ones busy.”
- Jake W. Reviewer

Amazing !
“I love Chippy. Nice Work and hilarious Sounds. He repeats so funny its true.”
Space is Joy 123

It’s hard not to laugh at Chippy. He sits there, blinking those big eyes which are following your finger around the screen. Sometimes, you like to poke or tickle the little cutie, just because it’s so much fun. When you speak, Chippy’s ears open wide to hear every word. He’s a very good listener, automatically recording every whistle, noise and phrase before repeating it back to you in his high, chipmunky voice. Adjusting his voice to deepen only adds to all the hilarity that you’re having with this little guy.

Talk with Chippy is a highly amusing and addictive application that’s fun and useful for the whole family. He’s a voice activated pet who records sounds and voices then plays them back to you. There is a control that allows you to adjust the voice to make playback even funnier. If you want to, you can have Chippy repeat a funny recording over and over again, or enjoy the 15 hilarious prerecorded sounds that are included in the app.

Chipmunks need love too, so don’t forget to give your Chippy some personal attention from time to time. Swipe your finger over his belly to make laugh, poke him in the eyes to make him scream or give him a shake to make him dizzy. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt him, he’s an animated character.

Chippy isn’t just for laughs. He’s a helper app, too. The time is always displayed on the numeric clock below Chippy’s feet. That’s good because you’ll get so caught up in playing that you may lose track of the hours.


* Voice activated soundboard
* Comes with 15 prerecorded, hilarious sounds
* Adjust Chippy’s voice higher or lower
* Repeat play button for those hilarious recordings you want to hear again
* Built-in clock displays the time beneath Chippy’s feet
* Poke, tickle or shake Chippy for added fun
* This chipmunk makes a great family pet without the vet bills
* Suitable for children and adults

Anyone with an iDevice can adopt Chippy but iPod Touch users will need a microphone to talk to him.

Download Talk with Chippy right now and welcome him into your family. He’s the best pet anyone can have. There’s no walking, no scooping or vet bills but there’s all the fun and a useful clock. It’s great for all ages and can go on vacation with you, too. Enjoy!