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Percentage Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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Added the ability to delete saved calculations. Updated for iPhone5

Need to know what amount needs to be added to a value for a specific percentage? Need to make this sort of calculation all the time? Well if you do then this App is for you. Work out the VAT amount, the sales tax, the goods and services tax quickly and easily. Just enter the amount and the percentage markup amount and this App shows you the answers. The App comes with eight user-defined default percentages that can be used at the touch of a button and also the ability to use a custom percentage value.

You can change all the default values to percentages that make sense for you in your daily life. So, if your VAT rate is 19% then change one of the defaults to be this and save the changes. This will change one of the user-defined percentage buttons on the main page to show this new value. Now when you want to specify 19% just press the button and the percentage is used.

There are so many different Tax rates around the world that it can be hard to know how much has been added on to create the price you are seeing in the shop. Or maybe sales tax has not been added for the price shown, well just type in the amount, the sales tax percentage and select the exclusive button and the real price of the item you are looking at will be shown.

Use this App as a handy tip calculator, type in the amount of the meal, select exclusive, and the percentage you want to add as a tip and the final inclusive amount is shown. Or to reverse the situation, maybe the restaurant has already added 12% to the bill as a service charge, just type in the final amount, select inclusive, and set the percentage to 12% and the exclusive amount with the markup amount added will be shown.