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Top up your store of happiness every single day.

Happy people live up to nine years longer than those who are unhappy (Diener 2006).

Get to know the Big Six virtues, and use them to grow your own happiness.

The Big Six

Wisdom: using skills and knowledge wisely

Courage: having the will to achieve despite difficulties

Humanity: appreciating and looking out for other people

Justice: behaving justly and strengthening the community

Temperance: doing a little of what you fancy but having some restraint and self control

Transcendence: understanding that the world is bigger than the individual.

We can tap into a list of 24 key signature strengths, and these contribute to the Big Six happiness virtues.

Every day, for a year, you can add a little to your store of happiness. Here is a year's worth of ideas (one a day plus a few extra to get you started) on how to increase your own sense of well being.

Each suggestion comes with a note on how the strength you are tapping into boosts one of your Big Six virtues.

Every day, access a new idea and go back to revisit earlier ones.

Visit the application daily to find that new suggestion!