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StockExpress Lite 股票速遞輕盈版

iPhone / iPad
  • Finance
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With StockExpress you can easily sift, sort and pick the best Hong Kong stocks and track and see charts and quotes of them on your iPhone and iPod Touch. 使用 StockExpress 可助您輕鬆地篩選、排序和挑選最佳的香港股票,隨時在您的 iPhone 和 iPod Touch 上查閱股票報價和圖表分析。

透過 StockExpress 的智能選股可助您輕鬆地擬定一個成功的股票投資策略。

- 優化資料傳輸將大大降低用量成本
- 自動設定及支援多種語言:繁體中文 、簡體中文、英文、日文及韓語
- 以代號或名稱搜尋單隻或多隻股票 (提示:以逗號分開股票代號 - 例如5,8,700,11然後按搜尋)
- 一按點擊選取不同類型的股票以便查閱
- 以不同排序方式查閱股票及指數
- 智能篩選: 查閱熱門股票、評分最高的股票、異動股、最大升幅、最大跌幅
- 由直版轉為橫向即顯示詳細報價資料
- 一按即到該公司的網站
- 一按即到該公司新聞、公告和通知、月報表、等等

StockExpress Lite has been specifically designed to suit people who are on the move, have limited time, need instant - anytime/ anyplace/ anywhere access, and want everything done super efficiently. The application is built for speed and ease of use; fast “optimized” data download, fast display, and fast, simple, one-click or one-flick access to the next feature and function. It also has a very simple “clean” user interface and is very easy to use.

Easily develop a winning stock investment strategy with expert stock picks from StockExpress.

Nobody has a crystal ball to predict the future, but we have some very smart server software which is continuously analyzing and looking at what’s happening to all the stocks on the Hong Kong market, and then combines it with what the community are looking at, and what they’re recommending as buys and sells. We call this Community Picks. The software automatically picks, rates and sorts stocks into three categories (Top Viewed, Top Rated and Early Transitions) which are updated dynamically and made available on both our website ( and on your mobile device.

Top Viewed. So you can see what other people in the StockExpress Community are physically looking at.

Top Rated. Shows stocks that are showing good momentum up or down in the last hour and the last 24 hours.

Early Transitions (Top Sentiment Change). Shows you stocks that are changing from being “Bullish” (Sells to Buys) and from being “Bearish” (Buys to Sells). This also tracks early transition stocks from the last hour and the last 24 hours.

Our intention in Community Picks is to narrow down choices and give you ideas of what could potentially be good buys or sells. You then choose whether the stocks are right for you.

- Optimized data transfers to keep your data costs very low
- Languages supported; Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean
- Predictive Stock Search by Code or Name
- Multiple Stock Search (Tip: separate stock codes by a comma – e.g. 5,8,700,11 and press Search)
- One click select of Personal Index (Watch List), HK Indexes, Index Stocks, Recent IPOs, ETFs, Top Viewed, Top Rated, Early Transitions, Top Gainers, Top Losers
- Stock sorts by; Stock Code, Name, Price, Volume, $ Gain, % Gain, P/E, Yield, Capitalization
- Index Sorts by; Index Name, Gain, % Gain
- Smart Filters for Top Viewed, Top Rated, Early Transitions, Top Gainers, Top Losers
- Orientation to landscape displays Full Detailed Quote with Last Price, Open, Change, Change %, Previous Close, Volume, Lot Size, Turnover, Bid & Ask during market open, 52 Wk High, 52 Wk Low, Day High, Day Low, P/E, Yield, Market Capitalization, Cost of 1 Lot
- One click to the Company’s website
- One click to Company’s news, announcements, financial statements, etc.