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iPad / iPhone
  • Release Date:Apr 27, 2010
  • Size:25.94 Mb
  • Health & Fitness
  • Medical
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Monthly Cycles - Period Tracker, Menstrual Calendar & Ovulation / Fertility Diary

Monthly Cycles is a personalized and easy to use tool to track, monitor and manage your monthly menstrual cycles. The program calculates your fertile days and considers your menstrual cycle's possible fluctuations to help you avoid unwanted pregnancy or find out the most prospective days for conceiving a boy or girl.

√ Powerful period calculation and streamlined user interface
√ Calendar based event management
√ Reports on Temperature, Acne, Cramps, Headaches, Backaches, Nausea, Neck aches, Tender Breasts
√ 5 difference themes
√ Events logging
√ Support up to 40 moods with icons
√ Weight and temperature logging
√ Use email to export your data

Pink - Period
Gray - Future Period
Yellow - Fertility
Brown - Ovulation Day
Bold Type - Note Added
Red Heard - Had Fun

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Monthly CyclesPrice FreeMonthly Cycles by Deltaworks helps you keep track of your monthly cycle so theres no guesswork necessaryIt doesnt get easier than this iPad app when it...
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