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  • Release Date:Jun 15, 2010
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Web Therapy

The "Web Therapy" iPhone app: Mobile Therapy with No Patience!

Want to grab a session with the Internet's worst therapist, Dr. Fiona Wallice...? With the "Web Therapy" iPhone app., you get an earful of Fiona’s “wisdom” in the palm of your hand! Type your issue or problem and she’ll tell you EXACTLY what she thinks. As often as you’d like!

Therapy has never been funnier—or more punishing! Based on the Emmy-nominated, award-winning comedy series “Web Therapy”, Lisa Kudrow plays Dr. Fiona Wallice, a therapist of questionable credentials and limited patience for other people’s problems. So limited, in fact, she conducts her “3 minute sessions” over the internet, and now on your iPhone!

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