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Best Corny Jokes!

Best Corny Jokes!

Have you heard a silly, dumb, stupid or corny joke lately?

Corny jokes are just so stupid and silly you have to laugh at them. If you love telling or hearing corny jokes, then this cool app is for you!

Hundreds of corny jokes are waiting to be read, and shared, for FREE!

App Features:

- Save your favorite corny jokes!
- Share your favorite corny jokes via Email!
- SMS your favorite corny jokes!
- Post your favorite corny jokes directly to Facebook!


Great reviews from our loyal users:

"Corny! This is a really good app for getting a laugh!!! I would suggest it to anyone!"

"Love it! Great silly jokes! Love the ability to send jokes directly from app in a text message!!!"

"Haha funny! I was reading them and they were so corny it was funny! The naked man and the elephant joke was hilarious! Get this app!"

"Good stuff! Love a little silliness and these are right up my alley with twin ten year olds!"

"LOL! So funny you have to get this app!!!"

Staff reviews:

Best Corny jokes by Michael Quach is an app that delivers the corniest and worst jokes ever, straight to your iOS device. 

"Best of" Lists:

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iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone
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