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You Did It! Lite

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Motivate your kids with You Did It! This is a fun, interactive application that encourages children to do their chores by letting them earn animated digital stickers and other rewards. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You used to have trouble getting your kids to do their chores. You’d have to nag them repeatedly about making their beds, picking up their toys or other simple tasks you’ve ask them to do. Eventually, they’d half-heartedly complete their chores but everyone grumbled and you felt frustrated.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t have to be like that anymore, thanks to You Did It! This is the fun, interactive app that motivates kids (yes, even yours) to not only co-operate at chore time but also make them look forward to it. Why? Because of the fun rewards that await them.

Start off by creating a custom avatar for each child. You can track chores for up to six kids, so there’s lot of room for everyone and lots of options when assigning a unique character to each kid's name. Select from 24 different hairstyles, 16 eye and skin colors, and 10 boy and girl outfits to create a virtual child representing the real one.

Okay, you’re thinking, that’s fun but where do the chores come in? You Did It! arrives on your iPad fully stocked with age-appropriate chores that you can assign, or feel free to create as many custom ones of your own as you like.

The real clincher in all of this is the incentive package. Kids do their chores, they get rewarded. In this way they are learning about earning. If they don’t do the work, they don’t make any of the credits which can be cashed in for parent-approved rewards, such as watching TV for 30 minutes, or using them at the in-app virtual store for fun, animated stickers.

Your youngsters will really love the reward stickers, which have tap-activated voice features and animations when put into the correct spot in their provided digital sticker album. Children love these stickers so much, that they may even ask for more chores to do so they can earn new ones.

Have a look at the some of the features you get in You Did It!
* Cute, interactive interface that works in any orientation
* Motivates kids in a fun way
* Create custom avatars for each child
* Track chores for up to 6 children
* Beautiful custom HD graphics
* Credit system for purchasing stickers and rewards
* 7 interactive classroom animations
* 12 interactive digital reward stickers
* 60 interactive animations
* App includes chore and reward suggestions
* Add unlimited custom tasks and rewards
* Password protected parental controls

You Did It! is so perfect for parents and kids, alike. The application makes it easy to track chores for each child, while providing the motivation that makes work so rewarding. The app is password protected and controlled by you, so you’ll always be on top of what each person is doing when it comes to their list of chores and reaping the benefits of a job well done.

Download You Did It! to your iPad now.

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You Did It! Lite allows you to earn up to 200 Experience Points, but is fully functional in all other ways. Upgrading to the full version will allow you to earn unlimited Experience Points, which will unlock more stickers and avatar items.


We love hearing from You Did It! users! Mobilesce is releasing updates on a regular basis. Please come to our website and give us your suggestions - they're likely to make it into the app very quickly! If you have any questions, again let us know. And as always, if you have any ideas for tasks/chores or rewards, we would be happy to include them!