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Web Capture Pro

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We all love internet, but the problem is, internet is not static, it could change. What you see today on internet might not be there tomorrow. Don't you want to capture the web so that you can keep it and visit it whenever you want? Sometimes you also want to share a webpage with your friends, but since you can't add notes to the webpage, it is hard for your friends to understand you. Don't you wish you can draw on the page and tell your friends exactly what you mean?

WebCapture is the tool to help you for that purpose. You can browse webpage with it and take a snapshot of the webpage. What makes it really cool is you can add note to the webpage, you can also draw on the page to highlight the content you are interested in, or add some marks. You can send the page to friends through email, or copy to your desktops through iTunes. Isn't that really cool? Go ahead check it out!

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