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Health Care Debate 2012

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Health Care has been the focus of much discussion among politicians, physicians, and other interested individuals for the past several years. As the election cycle begins for the Presidential race, Mitt Romney delivered a keynote speech at the University of Michigan on May 12, 2011, outlining his vision of health care for the United States.

The latest version of the program contains an interview with Shean Hannity from Fox News on June 2nd, the day Governor Romney announced his candidacy for President. In addition, the interaction between Governors Romney and Pawlenty at the second Presidential Debate held in New Hampshire on June 13th, 2011, is also available for viewing.

This program will assist those interested in the issues to quickly review and analyze the points he articulated in his presentation. The format that I have used will hopefully facilitate review of his presentation so that dialogue can occur between those interested in these issues in a more efficient manner.

The program contains a video of the lecture with the corresponding PowerPoint slides used in the presentation. In addition, the main sections of the lecture are identified for quick reference by the user. This allows the user to examine key elements of the presentation without having to listen to the entire lecture.