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For simulating the electric bill of households.
This will help user to find out how much bill they need to pay and decide the uses of the electricity.
We use electricity for running our households equipment in our everyday life. We use washing machine, air conditioner, iron, rice cooker, DVD/VCD player, hair dryer and so on. The bill of the electricity is based on their uses. And each month the electricity bill varies, more or less.

But isn't it interesting if we know the electricity bill in advance that we are going to pay ? Yeah, that's the purpose this application. You will know how much the electricity bill you have to pay for the amount of uses, so that you can easily control your extra uses of those equipments.

In your apartment or house, there are several types of rooms, like kitchen, dining room, bed room, toilet etc, and you use the electric equipment in each room. So we are also handling this room by giving support to add more rooms in your house, then setting the equipment in each room and calculate the electricity bill for your convenience. You can easily add, remove or even rename each room. It's so fun to do.
In Japan, the electricity bill varies depending on the area and which meter you are using. Like Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kansai, Okinawa etc. Don't worry, you can set the place you live and which meter rating you use. Meter rating can be, A, B10A,B30A,B60A or C etc types. All the available names are there, so you can pick up easily. Go and get it, you will find much more.

Here is the few things that you should know when starting the application. Here they are:
1. First start the application.
2. You will see , many appliance lists at the right side of the screen. Touch on any appliance type button and all the appliance lists will be appeared under that type.
3. First you need to set the electric company name that you are using. Touch Setting>Select Company and follow the screen.
4.Now add more rooms by touching Setting>Edit Room. The 5 default rooms will be shown. You can add, remove and rename more rooms.
5. Finally, add few appliance in any room. Just touch the appliance button from the right side. Appliance will be added.
6. Now you need to give the appliance information that you added. Touch on it and select Setting>Edit Appliance. A little long information screen will be appeared. Like, Genre, Maker, Volume, Consumed Power, Standby Power, Voltage etc. Fill up all the information. CO2 will be automatically calculated.
Below the CO2, you will see some blocks, where you can choose how much you are using this appliance.
7. After finish all the information, you can see the electricity you are using and corresponding electricity bill you need to pay using other menu.

Here is the summary of each menu:
Main > Echo-Info: Show the echo-info information.
Setting>Select Company: Select which electric company you are using and which meter you are using.
Setting>Edit Room: For adding, deleting or renaming the rooms.
Setting>Edit Appliance: User can edit each appliance in the room by providing various information, like Manufacturer, Consumed Power, Standby power, running hours, standby hours, unused hours etc.
Simulate>Electricity Bill: For showing the electricity bill by "Per Day", "Whole Home", "Per Room", Per Category", "My Classification", “Sort".
Simulate>Consumption: For showing how much electricity you uses by "Per Day", "Whole Home", "Per Room", Per Category", "My Classification", Sort".
Simulate>CO2: For showing how much CO2 is releasing.
Electric: Show the summary of the electricity uses
Help>About: Show the information of this application and check for upgrade.
That's all about it. It's fun and interesting. Enjoy!