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Koala Math 1-1 Free

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Celebrate Children Apps - Koala Box HD now available on the App Store.

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Children Apps - Koala Box, an innovative and useful utility, re-classifies all children-related apps on the Apple App Store. It can help parents and children find suitable apps easily and quickly.

儿童应用大全 - 考拉盒子 是首款专门为家长及儿童设计的非常实用的应用分类、搜索、导航软件, 通过考拉盒子, 家长及儿童能够快速、便捷的找到合适的精品教育应用。

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★★ Free Koala Math 1-1 is coming!!! ★★

Long-awaited app the first part of the first set of Koala Math series: addition & Subtraction is ready for you!!!

Recommended Ages: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 correspond with the 3 levels
Koala Math at a glance:
* Includes 3 games: Addition, Subtraction, challenge
* 3 different levels of difficulty: count up to 5, 10 or 20
* 6 different fun cartoon modes can be used for selection: Flying animals, Jumping fog, The family of fruits, Imbalance balance, Worms & apples, Reverse calculate
* Help Koala climb to the top of the tower and win the GOLDEN CUP
* Children can choose their own role for challenge VS. Koala, it could give them achievement and self-confidence while playing.
* Vivid animations to help kids establish mathematical thinking.
* A group of animals are playing, then two guys join them, so how many they are?
*The frog jumped on a number line for twice, can you help him figure out how far he jumped?
* How do you make it balance?
* What is 5 - 2, if 2 + 3 = 5?