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Up‽ HD - Reflex Game

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STILL FREE, NO ADS. (Dinosaurs not included, sorry.)

IDC is keeping Up‽ HD free for the first 10,000 downloads. Yes, because we love you. Please support us and buy the standard version for your iPhone or iPod Touch as well!

Up‽ will challenge your reflexes and dexterity like no other game available. The big question is, how long can you keep it up? Just rotate or tilt your iPad to keep the wandering arrow pointed upward. If you thought that was too easy, you must also prevent the flying meteors from hitting your arrow. The meteors cause the arrow to spin randomly and can drain your health. Tap them to destroy them. Play against your friends to see who keeps it up the longest. It’s harder than you ever imagined…

- iPad native.
Optimized for the iPad's display, the game has been transformed into the ultimate forearm workout.

- Keep it up.
Rotate your device to keep the arrow up. It sounds easy, but getting the next high score may not be as easy as you think.

- Watch your health vial.
The game is over when you run out of health. When your shape is upright, you gain health, as soon as it’s not though, you lose it.

- Watch out for asteroids.
To make it even trickier, there are two types of asteroids that come into play. One will deplete a third of your life, the other will spin your arrow quickly if it hits. Luckily you can tap these to remove them before they hit your shape. But beware, they come faster and faster as the game goes on.

- Beautiful graphics.
Up‽ has been designed from scratch with iPad in mind. See every bit of detail in the paper as you play.

- Play with different shapes.
Up‽ offers five different shapes to play with and each has its own bit of trickery. Keep playing to unlock all of them. The arrow is given for free, but the circle, bar, triangle, and diamond have to be earned with high scores from the other shapes.

- Play through our tutorial.
To learn how to play or to teach a friend, run through our quick interactive tutorial. It only takes a few seconds.

- Game Center enabled.
Play against your friends and see who can get the high score with both a local high score list and a global one using Apple’s Game Center.

- Achievements galore.
Earn 13 achievements such as "Touching Frenzy", "Sharpshooter", "Heavy Hitter", "It's over 9000", and "Self Help".