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Bopomo ㄅㄆㄇ

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ㄅㄆㄇ也叫注音(符號)或MPS (Mandarin Phonetic Symbols)。ㄅㄆㄇ是取自此系統的前三個注音符號。它的37個注音符號可以拼寫出所有中文的音節組合。


1.5Q-Book (繁體):有聲圖畫書,圖卡文字為注音符號加繁體中文及英文。


時下許多父母師長為了讓學童能夠閱讀經典,花了不少精力,但效果卻是事倍功半,陸鋒團隊瞭解單靠文字閱讀是難以吸引學童,所以將這些經典名著以動漫元素重新詮釋,並且因應全球行動閱讀的趨勢,推出「五子登科動漫閱讀」iPad版系列,讓全球學中文各年齡層的讀者可以「隨時隨地看動漫 輕輕鬆鬆讀經典」。

5Q-Book (Bopomo with Traditional Chinese and English)
Content: Bopomo is also called Zhuyin (fuhao) or MPS (Mandarin Phonetic Symbols). The name of Bopomo is derived from the first three letters. Bopomo is a phonetic system. 37 symbolic characters can transcribe all the possible syllables in Mandarin.
1. Bopomo learning book (Illustrated audio book of 37 pages)
2. Game - looking for bopomo (Illustrated audio book of 37 pages)

Age: Recommended for Grade 1 students.
Level: Helpful Chinese reading for basic level learners.
Characters: Contains 800+ basic level Chinese characters.

5Q-Book (Traditional):
1.Illustrated audio book with bopomo, traditional Chinese text and English.
2.Illustrated audio book for game.
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