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Vocab Videos is designed to support teachers teaching foreign languages to younger students who wish to provide an immersive experience. Vocab Videos provides a framework where the student can document words from the foreign (target) language along with the english translation, groupings such as noun, verb, etc and the lesson the word was from. They can then link that word to a video of themselves gesturing the word, to provide a more complete educational experience. nb. for iPad 1 these videos need to be downloaded from a PC/Mac using iTunes, iPad 2 provides the capability to record the video directly. Vocab Videos has been developed in collaboration with Independent Schools of Victoria and currently supports Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese. (ie the user interface is presented in one of these languages). Utilising the iPad International keyboard can also allow the student to enter data using the target language characters. This is only version 1.0, so please feel free to send feedback to make sure this is the app that you want/need.