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Pelvic Floor And Kegal Exercises For iPad

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Welcome to Pelvic Floor and Kegel Exercise for iPad the application that puts you in control of your pelvic health.

Whether you’re embarking on a pelvic floor exercise regime to support you through pregnancy, to give you a better love life, to assist with pelvic floor dysfunctions, for recovery post childbirth or to enjoy a better quality of life this application has all you need to start a new pelvic future.

The app offers you a variety of exercises and includes:
• Advice about identifying the pelvic muscles and how to isolate them, with a short introductory film introducing the pelvic floor and its role.
• Gentle exercises to start your pelvic exercise regime that you can extend to include longer contractions and add different positions to as your muscles gain strength.
• Video footage for both pelvic floor exercises and supporting muscles, both of which are brief enough to add to your daily routine.
• Challenging exercises for more toned pelvic floors.
• Exercises suitable for slipping unobtrusively into your daily activities.
• Stop watches to give you precise feedback for timed exercises as you build your ability and confidence.
• Information about the pelvic floor and pelvic floor dysfunctions.
• Images and video footage showing you how to perform the exercises.
• A discreet logo sitting on your iPad which gives you access to your exercises whenever and wherever you happen to be.
• Exercises for muscles that work in conjunction with the pelvic floor.