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Tilly's petting farm HD Lite

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Fun Educational Apps really like the fact that Tilly’s Petting Farm offers an effective approach to learning words and vocabulary. It encourages kids to learn about what surrounds them and what are things made of. For example, with many apps kids are shown a picture of butter, but do not always learn anything else beside the word. What we like here is that kids also learn that butter is made from milk and milk comes from the cow. It is a great learning app easy to use with bright and colourful drawings. It encourages children to keep on learning and exploring. Everything is clickable.and animated and offer 3 or 4 different sentences or words to say it. It is new and innovative and we are sure you and your little ones will have fun learning all about the farm.

The Gamer With
Tilly’s Petting Farm is a pretty good learning app for young children. It’s almost like using an interactive picture book where everything in the book can be tapped on and learned from. Everything you click on moves and each has about 3 or 4 different words of phrases they say. The included quiz mode can be a bit easy for older children, but it’s still a good way to review what they know or have learned. Al-in-all I did like the app and the sheer amount of phrases it can teach you.

This is the Lite version of the app. The only difference is instead of 4 drawings you get one. Buy the full version to get all 4 drawings.

App to help improve learning abilities. Accompany Teacher Tilly as she visits the petting farm. Free accompanying material on our site.
The Dutch version became "new & noteworthy" upon release. It has been in the hitlist top 3. Still is in the top 10.

About teacher Tilly's petting farm:
More than 300 English sentences.
Packed with moving pictures and sounds.
Thematic vocabulary teaching.
Effective approach to learning vocabulary.
Tested by toddlers.
Created by parents (including teachers of primary education).
Easy to use by children.
There are 4 drawings to play.
Per drawing two options: learn words and answer questions by touching the pictures.

Watch the video of the app at

Teacher Tilly at the petting farm is an educational vocabulary app for children aged 1 - 7.
The Children encounter the same theme in different settings.
The themes are presented in challenging drawings in which children encounter many new words. The moving images and accompanying sounds, make that a child wants to touch the pictures over and over, so the words are often heard. The app has an effective approach to learning words.

Teacher Tilly's petting farm covers the theme: The petting farm.

The app consists of four drawings. Each drawing consists of two parts.

In one part you can hear all sorts of fun phrases and sounds when you touch a picture. It also moves the image or something pops out.
The other part consists of questions that can be answered by touching the appropriate picture. If the child answered a question incorrectly three times, a hint is shown. After five wrong answers a new question will automatically be asked. Your child will never get stuck in the app, so it won't get frustrated or discouraged.