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XMF Remote R7

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- This app does not support iOS5.
- This app is only compatible with XMF Remote R7 server.
When connecting to XMF Remote R8 server or later, you must download "XMF Remote R8" app.
To see which version of XMF Remote system is running on your server, start XMF Remote client (java edition) and find the version number written on the splash screen .

Check and annotate on iPad !
"XMF Remote" is the iPad app for the FUJIFILM online proofing system "XMF Remote server". You can view, annotate, approve/reject for the print preview pages stored on "XMF Remote Server".

"XMF Remote" communicates with "XMF Remote Server" to start up. You need to acquire "Network address", "Login account", "Password" from Printers
who manages "XMF Remote Server".

With "XMF Remote", you can:
- View preview pages
- Annotate with proof tools
- View page information
- Approve/Reject pages
- View annotation list and jump to the annotated area

How to use
1) Specify "Login ID", "Password" and "Server Address" when "XMF Remote" starts up
e.g.) LoginIDprooferA
Server Addresshttps://
2) After login, you should push and down one of the job shown at the left side, then you can find the help button with FUJIFILM Logo.
3) Help describes how to use the XMF Remote.