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Byrdsi is Easy!

-Little to no training is required; if you can touch buttons and read you can use Byrdsi!
-No need for complex networking or other computer hassles with Byrdsi!
-No remote required that is if you can find your remote... Where did I leave it?

Byrdsi is Flexible!

-Take your iPad from room to room for eye exams
-Do you go to Nursing Homes? Schools? Mission trips? - Take Byrdsi to go!
-Use it at distances between 11 and 25 feet with an LCD! No need to mount your iPad on the wall!

Byrdsi is Affordable!

-Imagine with just one iPad you could replace multiple computers!
-Very Affordable when compared with Computer based systems!
-iPad, LCD, Cabling and you're up and flying with Byrdsi

-Snellen Test
-TumblingE Test
-Landolt Test
-Red | Green Screen Overlay
-Opto Sizes: 10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100,150,200,400
-Randomization of Opto tests for subjects that memorize eye charts
-Mirror Function
-Calibrate for Rooms where distance from the surface of the LCD to the bridge of subject's nose is between:11,11.5,12,12.5,13,13.5,14,14.5,15,15.5,16,16.5,
17,17.5,18,18.5,19,19.5,20,20.5,21,21.5,22,22.5,23,23.5,24.24.5,25 Feet
-Save Calibration
-Online Help

-Use with iPad external video connector

-Distance Scale is Snellen
-Units of Measurement used are in Feet and Inches