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Solar Payback (UK)

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iSolarPayback - MCS2012/SAP2012/SEM Compliant. Supported and maintained with current regulations. * See our website for a full rundown of features. Solar Payback UK is THE application for installers, sale-teams or advanced users who want to see how much payback they will receive from the current generous UK Feed-in-Tariff for Solar PV Panels. For anyone considering making a Solar PV investment of £5,000 or more for their roof, this worthwhile application will demonstrate the paybacks they could receive. Perfect for installers - upgrade Solar Payback and be able to send and print A4 spreadsheets with your customised and personalised presentations as well as build a database of your preferred panels and inverters. **** "As a PV Solar company owner I was keen to try the pro version of this app, as all the other PV Solar apps seem to either be aimed at the USA or Eurozone. This one is designed by a UK company for the UK Market. It's easy to use, quick to complete and simple to view and understand. I will be including the solar payback PDF with all my customer quotes from now on." Features -------- - Solar Payback calculates year-on-year returns for a Photovoltaic Solar Panel System - includes allowance for maintenance costs and loan repayments - Solar Payback will calculate the amount of electricity likely to be generated for a given system - takes into account roof angle, aspect and shading - Solar Payback will calculate the Feed-in-tariff payments over a 20 or 25 year lifetime and the ultimate income for up to 30 years - makes adjustments for year-on-year panel degradation in line with MCS requirements - Solar Payback will calculate the amount of electricity exported and income gained from that export - exported amount can be easily modified - Solar Payback will calculate the likely savings in electricity used by you and the savings gained by using the power your panels generate - automatically allows for annual adjustments to feed in tariff rates and electricity price rises - Solar Payback will allow for ongoing inflation and fuel inflation which is predicted to rise at a record rate in the coming years - individual configuration of RPI and electricity inflation rate is easily adjustable - Solar Payback computes for dual array systems - allows input of split systems for (say) East/West roofs - Feed in Tariff rates are configurable - allows for government changes to policy - Exports CSV for inclusion into Excel - 2 payback spreadsheets for differing views on income and payback >> Use Solar Payback to see your likely Return on Investment, payback period and total income over a 20-25 year period << ** Upgradable Features - Pro Version** ---------------------------------- - Customise payback charts, including the ability to add monthly irradiation and power charts for specific MCS regions - Create and maintain your own inverter database for easy inclusion in the reports - Create and maintain your own panel database, including the ability to change panel degradation rates and ultimate income over time - Use alternative 'iSolarPayback' yield calculation method for additional yield calculation to show power and monthly irradiation figures for a specific town, leading to more targeted payback figures. - Add the ability to share your documents with other apps that can read pdf file types - Add customer contacts and company details for detailed reports - Customise Solar Payback and the A4 spreadsheet with your own logo for professional presentation