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Math Chomp

iPhone / iPad
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Math Chomp is a fun and educational mathematics game featuring Craig the Crocodile.

The app is suitable for all ages from Kids to Adults, and will help you learn your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Playing the game is simple. You will be given a starting number, and a desired number. You will make the desired number using mathematics!

Control Craig the Crocodile on his quest across the screen, then press Chomp when over a number to perform it's associated calculation.. i.e. Chomp "+8" then "x2" to add eight to the current total, then multiply the total by two.


As an example...

If you start with 5 and you need to make 23

- Chomp "+8" to make 13.
- Chomp "x2" to make 26
- Chomp "-3" to achieve the target of 23


Each level will be complete when you reach the desired number. If you run out of time, you will lose a life.

There are 30 Levels to play (for each difficulty level).

The game will finish when you run out of lives, or complete all 30 levels!

Points are awarded based on the calculations you have used, and the time saved.


3 Difficulty Levels, based on your Math Ability.

3 Controller Choices (D-Pad, Slide Pad or Tilt)


You can optionally register your high scores on the game scoreboard.