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Check Split

iPhone / iPad
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Check Split is not a typical tip calculator. Instead, it has been designed for the real-world task of splitting restaurant tabs among a group of diners.

Other apps which offer to split a check just apply an equal portion for each diner but with Check Split that is only the beginning. In a typical scenario, after telling everyone that their portion of the bill and tip is $27.44, one person will toss in $30 and say, "That will cover mine," while another will say "But I only ordered a salad so I'm only paying $12." And that's when everyone gets frustrated with the math and the dinner ends with a comment such as, "Oh well, I guess the waiter will just get a big tip."

Check Split solves this problem by allowing amounts to be entered for each diner while immediately updating the amount due for the remaining diners.

But that's not all. Check Split is a full featured tip calculator which can calculate tips based upon the full check amount (with or without tax included) for any tip percentage you would like. The settings will allow you to choose whether to apply the tip to the tax and decide if you want the guest totals to be rounded to the nearest cent, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar, etc.

For your convenience, you can enter names and take photos to keep track of the diners splitting the check. You can choose people from your address book, Facebook friends, pick a photo from your photo library or take a photo with your built-in camera. Or simply use the calculator and enter no data, if you prefer.

Check Split was designed to be a universal app from the very beginning. Which means you can run the app on you iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with a beautiful interface that makes the most of your device.