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The Mashup App

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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The Mashup App implements a vision for the future of the web: a web where you control your personal information and curate your digital data-- from memories to knowledge-- all from your device.

The Mashup App is built on four simple concepts:

1. A personal database in which you save your digital data. Your personal database can store images, video, audio, web, PDF, location*, and time data. Since your personal database is on your device, you can save everything that is important to you-- perhaps a lifetime of memories and knowledge.

Unlike a file name, you can describe the data in your personal database using full sentences. This will help you remember your data.

And unlike folders, you can aggregate-- or mashup-- your data into multiple categories. This will help you create knowledge from your data by providing context and commentary.

Since categories help organize related data you can easily mashup web content with video or any other type of data saved in your personal database. Furthermore, The Mashup App allows you to associate calendar events and address book contacts with data in your personal database providing seamless access to your data from your device's built-in apps.

2. You can easily search your personal database even if it is very large and contains gigabytes of data.

Unlike a web search that requires you to guess the words authored by someone else or how other people described video or image content, you can search for your own descriptions of the data.

And since you can store location and time data, you can search your personal database by time, location, and related data.

You can also sequentially browse your personal database so that you refresh your recollection of events, remember important data, and relive old memories.

3. After searching or browsing your personal database, you can see your results using 3D visualization, listen to it using text-to-speech, or use augmented reality to project your data onto your device's camera or map. The Mashup App also provides custom editors and viewers for each type of data.

4. You can share your data not only using email and SMS text messages but also with RSS feeds. If you prefer, a custom web site of your data can be generated or even a formal report with a table of contents.

You can also export individual data, categories of data, or even an entire database as an archive or just to share your memories and knowledge.

* Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.