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MindBody Medicine

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"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."
- Hippocrates

Are you constantly feeling nervous or distracted? Do you have difficulty concentrating, or falling asleep?

Interweaving soothing original music and guided narration from our professional therapist, this music therapy app will help you focus your wandering mind on the present moment. And gently, it will help you to release the tension in your body and mind.

Finally, your worries and troubles will be transformed into positive thoughts. With regular use, your peaceful and joyful state of mind will return, and you will find your physical and mental wellbeing improve.

Unique Features
•Based on 42 years of scientific research conducted worldwide, MindBody Medicine helps you to use the power of thoughts and emotions to influence physical health. It teaches you how to take control of your life, use your own healing power to reduce stress and other negative behaviours and thoughts, and thus maintain or regain health.
•Relax easily as you are voice guided step by step by a professional psychotherapist
•Original music specially composed to elicit the Relaxation Response
•Professionally recorded, high quality tracks
•Adjustable volume and repeat option

Benefits from using Mind Body Medicine
•Encourages relaxation; reduces anxiety
•Improves coping skills
•Reduce tension and pain
•Lessens the need for medication
•Slows down your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate
•Makes your body’s metabolism more efficient
•Enhances the immune system
•Complements treatment for physical ailments

Professionally-designed music therapy sessions
1.Introduction - 01:33 min
Get to know your therapist, and prepare yourself for the session

2.Settling Down - 04:52 min
This track helps you to calm down, and become mindful of your body and mind

3.Deep Breathing - 05:05 min
Soothing tunes to bring your attention to your breath, achieving quick relaxation

4.Muscle Relaxation - 09:36 min
As you begin to experience peace, you will be guided by rhythmic music beats to release tension in your whole body, and achieve deep states of relaxation

5.Journey of Freedom -11:10 min
Let your tranquil mind experience joy, love, peace, and freedom

6.A New Beginning 05:17 min
Leave your worries and troubles behind with this feel-good track

About the Creators

A practitioner of MindBody Medicine and certified psychotherapist, Sean Liew has more than 12 years of counselling experience. He is also a musician, who has produced 9 CD albums with his hymn group Bodhicitta. He is the director and founder of O’Bear Coaching Centre.

The original music is composed by Michael Koh, who has more than 10 years of experience composing and arranging music. He represents Stereo Image Productions, a music and audio production house he cofounded.

This app is proudly developed by Infenion Tech Pte Ltd, which an integrated information technology (IT) solutions provider of smart phone applications, web-based business solutions and enterprise infrastructure.

More about MindBody Medicine

Note: This application is not a substitute for professional counseling or medical advice.