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3D NASAL VISTA is an iPad App that allows three-dimensional visualization of the nasal fossas, providing a detailed anatomical knowledge of the complex structures within them.
The visual capacity allows the user to have a new experience in the anatomical identification of the various elements in addition to interact with the model from different angles and to reference the structures with the three projections of CT, allowing a degree of comprehension never seen until now.
3D NASAL VISTA is a new and imaginative way to study the anatomy of an area as complex as the nasal cavity and adjacent structures with a high level of detail, this fact allows 3D NASAL VISTA to be a reference tool for any surgical intervention of the area allowing the understanding and visualization of structures to be modified.
Thus, 3D NASAL VISTA is a iPad App especially suited for ENT, maxillofacial surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists and general all professionals whose area of clinical interest is in the nasal cavity and adjacent structures.

Available in English and Spanish