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Handy Knots

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
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Sailors, scouts, climbers, cavers, fishermen, surgeons unite! This is the app for you - a comprehensive guide to all the knots you will need for your on and off time.

Handy Knots has:
- access to 17 different categories of knots (including bends, bindings, coils, decorative knots, hitches, lashings, loops, braids, slips, seizing, sennits, splices, stoppers, tricks and whippings)
- over 160 different knots for you to learn and master (including the basic useful knots: bowline, reef knot, sheet bend, double sheet bend, water knot, buntline hitch, timber hitch, rolling hitch, taut-line hitch, trucker's hitch, constrictor knot, alpine butterfly knot, prussic, figure-of-eight knot, spanish bowline, midshipman's hitch and monkey's fist)
- clear and graphic instructions on how to tie knots

- All articles are optimized for learning and viewing on the iPhone and iPod Touch.
  * Reduced horizontal scrolling.
  * Quickly jump to any section in a reading.
  * In-page search.
  * Customize font size and line height.
- Shake or click to view a randomly selected reading.
- Pre-download articles for subsequent viewing when you don't have an Internet connection.
- Instant search for topic and articles selection.
- Auto save articles that you are viewing.
- Save articles, including images, for viewing offline (no Internet connection required).
- Easy saved articles management.  
  * Create folders to organize saved articles, and move saved articles to different folders.
  * Instant search for saved articles.
- Annotate articles with your own notes and comments.
- iOS4 compatible
* High resolution images for iPhone 4's Retina display.
* Multitasking.